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Mary, the Faithful Disciple

Matthew Crossman

A crossword on the Blessed Virgin Mary.

1 2
3                         4 5  
6   7                    
  14   15                
17         18          
19         20        

3.The official who sent Mary's son to be crucified. (2 Words)
4.Mary accepted ___'s request to take his son.
7.The method of Mary's son's death.
9.Mary's son's most loved disciple . (2 Words)
11.Mary showed this quality when she was asked to accept the son she would give birth to.
15.Mary's also pregnant cousin.
16.The angel who came to Mary.
17.Mary fled to _____ when the King Herod was trying to kill her family.
18.A celebration linked to Mary's son that is practised by Christianity.
19.Mary's son.
20.He betrayed Mary's son.
1.The day Mary ascended into heaven with her body and soul. (4 Words)
2.Mary was informed very quickly after the ____________ of her son.
5.Mary was ridded of ________ ___ (Two words) when she accepted what was asked of her. (2 Words)
6.The husband of Mary.
8.Mary accepted a ___ when the angel came to her.
10.The birthplace of Mary's son.
12.Mary assisted in taking her dead son to a ____.
13.Mary was very ________ when she went to her pregnant cousin when she was pregnant.
14.Mary's condition after accepting what was asked of her.

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