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Periodic Table Puzzle

Davina Vences(;

1 2     3 4
5   6          
7     8   9  
    11         12  
16   17
19   20          

1.Atomic mass of 65 in period 4
6.A metal with a Symbol of Ni
7.first metaloid
11.found in glow sticks
13.Symbol of H
14.Sounds life surfer
15.found in thermometers
18.atomic number of 9
19.Good for your teeth
2.Automic mass of 56
3.Symbol of Sn
4.Atomic number of 14 (metaloid)
5.2 Chainz chains are made out of this
8.The Stuff we breathe
9.Symbol of Li
10.pennies are made out of this
12.Found in bananas with a mass of 39
16.Found in soda in period 3
17.They put this in balloons
20.Found in pencils

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