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Periodic Puzzle(:

Alejandra <3

3   4        
5           6
  7 8  
11   12                
13         14 15          
17           18              

1.Its mass is closest to 33
3.The 2nd element in the periodic table
5.Pencils are made out of it
9.We breather 21% of it
12.It has a mas of 24.305
13.Has 5 protons
15.Has 26 protons
16.Its element symbol is K
17.Is in group 11 & in period 5
18.The 3rd element in period 3
1.The symbol is Na
2.Its symbol is Au
4.Its mass is 47.867
6.It has 20 protons
7.Element number 1
8.Its symbol is F
9.Yopu breathe this
10.Is in group 2 & period 2
11.Element number 10
14.A metal in the 11th group

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