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Body Systems CVS


4 5              
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2.The __________ nodes take unfiltered blood and filter out microorganisms; then return the blood to the CVS.
5.___________ arteries provide the blood supply to the heart.
6.The __________ ventricle pumps blood that has fresh oxygen in to the rest of body.
10.WBC's protect the body against __________.
12.Platelets are needed for blood ___________.
14._____________ link the arteries to the veins. They provide nutrients to the tissues and exchange wastes.
15.There are __________ types of blood cells.
16.____________ take oxygenated blood away from the heart to the body.
17.The blood _________ is the force exerted by the blood against a vessel wall.
1.The _____________ vena cava receives blood from regions above the diaphram.
3.The SA node produces and electrical impulse that makes the heart muscle contract.(heart beat)
4.The right ventricle passes the blood through to the ___________ artery which leads to the lungs.
7.______________ enables the RBCs to carry O2.
8.The main artery of the body:___________
9._________ bring unoxygenated blood to the heart.
11.The Sino atrial node is known as the _________ of the heart and controls the heart rate.
13._____________ act as barriers, and allow the blood to move in one direction.

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