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Language Arts Review

Mrs. Melvin

1 2 3
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4.Use a comma to separate 2 coordinate ______ describing a noun.
6.a character that is well-developed
7.Capitalize titles before names but not ____________.
10.An essay needs to begin with this to grab the reader's attention.
13.Do not use a comma before this.
15.facts that use numbers.
20.A paragraph must have a ___________.
21.am, is, are, was, were, be, being, been
23.Never say, "In my _______."
24.Use a comma to separate the city from this.
25.a character that does not change
1.a word that shows action, links, helps, or indicates existence
2.Capitalize family _________ only when they are used as the person's name.
3.Use this an a coordination conjunction to connect 2 sentences.
5.An essay has at least 3 ______ paragraphs.
8.Use a comma to separate three or more items in a _______.
9.a character that you don't really know much about
11.Capitalize the greeting and ______ of a letter`
12.a character that changes
14.the main character, usually the good guy
16.Always capitalize this pronoun.
17.Use a comma any time to avoid this.
18.a brief story to make a point.
19.the character who opposes the main character
22.Do this to the first line in a paragraph.

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