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Halo's Crossword!

Kim Tran

1             2   3
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  13   14            

1.The antagonist in the novel. He is a seer.
5.The Oracle of Delphi.
6.The God of light and the sun, truth and prophecy, healing, plague, music, poerty and more.
7.The psuedonym Halo took when she was pretending to be a boy (it is the male version of her name).
8.A traditional rich, sweet pastry made from layers of fillo pastry.
10.The leader of Athens and Halo's uncle.
11.A Spartan soldier's shield.
12.Halo's adopted Centaur father.
13.Halo's full Christian name.
15.The representative of a person's city who accompanies them into the adyton.
16.Halo's Centaur brother.
17.A form of clothing that was popular in Ancient Greece
18.God of the Sea
1.Halo's father's name.
2.The one-eyed leader of the Skythians.
3.The alias of the author.
4.A being that has the upper torso and head of a human, with a horse's body taking up the bottom half.
9.The Goddess of war, wisdom and the crafts.
14.The young Spartan who rescued Halo from drowning and later became her good friend.
15.A sickness that spread through Athens, killing many, many people.
16.The city Halo belonged to.

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