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Earth and Space

D'marion Holleman

1 2 3
5                 6       7
9 10         11        
16 17              
19       20              

4.the center of the earth.
5.is the lighting up of an object.
11.the top of the strotosphere.
12.rigid outer layer of earth.
15.half of the moon is shaded.
16.occurs during the full moon.
18.is the uppermost layer of the earth.
19.is a change in the water levels.
20.the cycle of Moon phaese starts with.
1.the phases next after the newmoon is.
2.is the atospheric layer that lies above the troposphere and below the mesosphere.
3.the different shapes of the moon.
6.is the innermost layer of earth.
7.is a molcule made up of three oxygen atoms.
8.half circle with a bulge.
9.a full circle.
10.is a layer of liquid rock that lies beneath the mantle.
13.its 100km above the earth's surface.
14.is the layer of molten rock beneath earth's crust.
17.one of the main Layers.

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