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Periodic table

Rose Palomo

1 2
3       4 5                        
  6   7  
11     12   13  
14           15          

3.Is the smallest particle
5.Are soft enough to be cut with a knife
8.Indicates the physical states at room temperature
9.Is a dark gray solid
14.Number of protons in the nucleus
16.Are unreactive nonmetals
17.Particles of the nucleus that have no charge
18.The electrons in the outmost energy level of an atom
19.Same number of protons,different number of neutrons
1.The weighed average of the masses of all the naturally occuring isotopes
2.Are not as reactive as Alkali Metals
4.Is a dark red liquid
6.Negatively charged particles
7.SI unit for the masses of particles in atoms
9.The steel trowel below reacted with oxygen
10.A tiny,very dense,positely charged region
11.Positively charged particles
12.Is a yellowish green gas
13.Elements that have properties of both metals & nonmetals
15.Are very reactive nonmetals

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