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periodic table

nancy rocha

1 2
3         4            
5   6           7  
10       11                      
        13     14
18               19          

3.the weighed average of the masses of all the naturally occuring isotopes of an element
5.can exchange for money
8.a tiny, very dense ,positively charged region
9.find it in soda
10.si unit for the masses of particles in atoms
12.is the smallest particle
13.The steel trowel belowreacted with oxygen
15.you can find it in a bar
16.is in the fruit bannanas
17.what alot of people wear for jewelery
18.negatively charged particles
19.what we breathe in this world
1.the electrons in the outmost energy level of an atom
2.is what goes in balloons
4.indicates the physical states at room temperature
6.positively charged particles
7.is what you wrap things in
10.number of protons in the nucleus
11.same number of protons, different number of nuetrons
14.particles of the nucleus that have no charge

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