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angela thompson

  2           3      
4     5   6  
    7 8                        
11               12 13         14            
    16       17          
          18             19
24     25  
26       27                    
28                           29          
30         31          

2.squeezed into one ball
5.a fossile that forms around a cavity
7.a galaxy with a bulge in the center
11.a large body of air
13.solid to a liquid
16.a smallest particle
18.trace of a animals prints
22.galxy that states the world started tremondous explosion
26.measurment of amount of space an object has
27.a sphere of nickel and iron in the center of earth
28.a table filled with elements
29.anything that has a volume or mass
30.a special cell that takes in special chemiacals in the body
31.a vertical row of elements
1.caused by a rapid expansion
3.a machine that uses heat to do work
4.a small or big spinning air column
6.distance in 1 year
8.it changes physically
9.the wiegted avg. of an element
10.the number of protons in the nuculeus
12.it changes colorsand or propeties
14.any sound
15.total number of protons in a element
17.the change from a liquid to a solid
19.amount of force per unit area
20.the basic si unit of length
21.an animal that is eaten by another animal
23.space filled up
24.each horizontal row of elememts
25.size, feels, shapes, positions

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