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Chapter 6

The Medtermians

Chapter 6 Vocab: The Urinary System Group 4: Game 1

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1.radiographic image of the bladder
3.two bean shape organs located on each side of the vertebral column on the posterior wall of abdominal cavity
7.Blood in urine
11.an enlarged bladder
13.Surgial incision into the urethra for relief of a structure
16.to empty or evacuate waste material
17.instrument used for visual examination of the bladder
20.The freeing of a kidney from adhesions
22.wake up during the night because you have to urinate
23.drooping kidney
25.excision of a ureter
27.excision of a kidney
28.elevated blood pressure resulting from kidney disease.
29.study of the urinary tract
1.A stone located in the urinary bladder
2.Surrounded by Bowmans capsule, filters blood through the capiliaries of the Bowmans capsule.
4.suturing of a kidney wound
5.urine producing microscopic structure
6.A stone located anywhere along the ureter
8.the duct where urine leave the kidney and the body
9.inflammation of the renal pelvis
10.An elevated amount of this may indicate impaired kidney function
12.sudden stoppage of urine formation
14.The establishment of an opening from the pelvis of the kidney to the exterior of the body
15.a physician who studies and treats diseases of the urinary tract
18.inflammation of the bladder
19.The inability to control the excretion of urine and feces
21.excessive urine
24.loss of kidney function
26.The surgical fixation of the bladder to the adominal wall

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