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10th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Catholics United for the Faith

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4."O LORD, you brought me up from the ____ world;" Ps 30
8.Vestment color today.
9.This rendering of the Aramaic word for "rock" makes an apostle's name.
11."A great ____ has arisen in our midst,"
13.This man cured a widow's son at Zaraphath.
15.St. Paul writes that he received the gospel "through a ____ of Jesus Christ."
16.It is a corporal work of mercy to ____ the dead.
17."You changed my mourning into ____;" Ps 30
19.Jesus "was moved with ____ for" the widow.
1.The sacraments of baptism and penance can be called the sacraments of the ____.
2."O Lord, my God, let the life ____ return to the body of this child."
3."The gospel preached by me is not of ____ origin."
5.Today we hear from this royal book.
6.Today's gospel writer.
7."I will extol you, O LORD, for you . . . did not let my enemies ____ over me" Ps 30
10.Any people who are not Jews.
11."God was pleased to reveal his Son to me, so that I might ____ him to the Gentiles."
12.To pray for the living and the dead is a ____ work of mercy.
14.The fourth commandment tells us to ____ our father and mother.
18.Jesus journeyed to this city.

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