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1.A wonderful picnic and relaxing spot for everyone.
3.All the items and other stuff that were found from WW2 and are located in Betio.
6.One of the line islands of the central of the central pacific ocean.
7.A beautiful island where you can do a lot of things.
8.Ancient legendary residence of the Kiribati warriors were you can go swim, snorkel, and even go camping.
9.A place where you can go research about ancient people in Kiribati and read other interesting stuff.
10.It is a normal club with full of different activities for children and grown ups.
2.Go visit the mix of of the British and American systems.
4.It has a beautiful view and a club with many activities in it.
5.It is a museum in Bikenibeu that displays artifacts and other items of cultural and historic significance.

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