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Science Newspaper

Ryan L. Sanders

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3.the bending of waves as it moves aound an obstacle or passes through an opening
4.a force that opposes motion between two objects that touch
7.change in velocity per unit of time; rate of change in velocity
9.an action that cause an object to accelerate
10.transfer of thermal energy from one substance to another through direct contact
11.A body of facts, statistics, or information
13.Any of 118 known substances that make up matter and cannot be separated into simpler substances
15.the defining structure of an element, which cannot be broken down by any chemical means
17.when water turns into water vapor
19.what is being measured
20.describes something that doesn’t change or something that remains steady
21.the process you use to test a theory
22.used to establish a standard for comparing the results of manipulating the independent variable
23.the measure of how heavy something is for its size
1.state of matter that has no definite shape or volume
2.saving the ability to do work
5.cause a new substance to be formed from two or more different elements or compounds to identify a chemical change look for observable signs such as color change
6.the process by which matter transitions or goes from a gas (or vapor) phase into a liquid phase
8.the top of a wavelength
12.maximum distance a wave vibrates from its rest position
14.the ability to do work
16.when heat is transferred by the mass movement of molecules from one place to another
18.A negatively charge particle which is located outside of the nucleus

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