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CIB Crossword

1             2 3
5                             6     7
12   13    
    15   16    
  17               18          

1.An international bond issued in a currency other than the currency of the country or market in which it is being issued
5.The derivative instrument generally used for hedging, the trading of which led to the $ 2bn trading loss for JPM
8.Term used for an individual/corporation that acquires temporary acquires the target facing a hostile takeover
9.City having the world's oldest stock exchange
10.The loan for which one significant lump-sum payment is due on maturity is called
11.The British economist who was the mastermind behind introduction of Ring Fencing in UK
14.What is John's shopping obsession
17.This person finally got a chance to enjoy his bachelorhood this week, after 6 long years
18.Who says the Devil lies in the Detail
19.How many music/singing videos has Aniket uploaded on Youtube
20.This colleague is fond of reading books by Robin Sharma
2.World's largest bank in terms of Total Assets
3.The most senior member of CIB was nicknamed this, by our GFIC-Chronicle editors
4.Provision in the underwriting agreement that allows the underwriters to sell upto 15% more shares than originally planned
6.This asian giant recently offloaded half of its of its stake in Barclays which it acquired during financial crisis
7.Broker/Dealer/Institutions which buys G-Sec directly and acts as the market maker for those securities
12.Country having the third largest stock exchange globally in terms of market cap, lagging just behind NYSE Euronext and NASDAQ
13.An individual or organization which holds or manages and invests assets for the benefit of another
15.What is the name of Sussanne's son
16.Who among us has made this picture

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