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present perfect


3                 4
6       7      
8         9            
11   12      
15       16  

1.The architect has____________ the tallest building in the world
3.My mother has _______________ to give me money from the roof!
5.the bus driver has__________ all the way from home to school without stoping.
6.The principal has_________ to all students about bullying
8.Have you___________ my dog? it´s lost!
9.Lucia has___________ the most beautiful card to her boyfriend
10.My baby brother has______________very sick lately, maybe he´s got the flu
11.im so angry! my sister has __________ my favorite toy and now I cant find it.
13.have you _____________ alice in wonderland? it´s a great book.
15.Oh no! my dog has__________ all my orange juice
17.My aunt and uncle have ________ to visit me me for the weekend.
18.the baker has _________ the best apple pie ever!
19.Linda and Mark have__________ a letter to the president but still hasn´t answered yet
1.Frank and Mary have ____________ up. too bad they were such a nice couple!
2.I haven´t________________ yet the math problem our teacher gave us yesterday.
4.july has___________ most of her schoolpapers from last year, she won´t need them anymore
6.Sharon has________________the entire flight! she was very tired
7.I have____________ a big slice of chocolate cake
12.My best friend has__________ the most beautiful painting i have ever seen.
14.my family have_____________ to the movies 3 times this week.
15.I haven´t ___________ my homework yet
16.I should have___________ known the answer, it was so easy.

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