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5     6 7        
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16   17                  

1.RDA CEO Robert E.
2.Record-Holding American Olympic Swimmer
4.Superman's Alter Ego
5.Bug That Loves to Ruin Picnics
6.Apple Cellular Device
13.Animals' Noses
15.Animated Italian Plumber
17."Rock You Like A ________"
18.To Annoy
19.Popular Social Network Site
1.HBO Series _____ Of Thrones
3.2012 Summer Olympics Location
5.Second United States President
7.Japanese Animated Television, Film, Video Game, and Card Game Series
8.Red Basketball Team in NBA Finals
9.15th Century Italian Painter, Inventor, and Engineer
10.Where Santa Lives
11.Between The First Two Meals
12.Django Unchained star Jamie
14.2013 Woman Judge on The Voice
16.Sports Illustrated Abbrev.

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