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Scicence 8 Vocabulary


Vocabulary From Science Grade 8

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2.Attractive force that holds ions together
4.A proposition set forth as an explanation of a certain phenomenon
7.The weight of the air mass that surrounds Earth and exerts pressure on all points of the planet
9.Partly molten layer of the Earth that lies below the lithosphere
11.The rate of change in velocity
12.The energy that an object possesses because of its motion
16.The closeness of a measurement to the actual value of what is being measured
17.The lowest point on the Kelvin scale
18.The distance from one point of a circle's or sphere's circumference to another when passing through the center point
19.A force that opposes motion between two objects that touch
1.The body of gases that surrounds a celestial body such as Earth
3.Phase change that occurs when a vapor or gas turns into a liquid
5.A part of an experiment or set of data that is affected by an event or another variable
6.State of matter that has no definite shape or volume
7.a substance with a pH of less than 7 on the pH scale
8.A very strong temporary magnet that can be turned on and off
10.Any of 118 known substances that make up matter and cannot be separated into simpler substances
13.A material through which energy cannot flow easily
14.Rain or any other type of precipitation that is abnormally acidic as a result of air pollution
15.The tendency of matter to resist change to its motion, whether it is moving or at rest

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