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3 4                      
      11                   12

4.signiture sirloin topped with marsala and wild mushroom sauce s/w aussie fries
7.10,12oz new york strip this steak has strip of marbeling along one side
8.10 or 12 ribeye steak that has more marbeling for more flavor
9.2 cold water lobster tails with option of steamed to perfection or seasoned and grilled s/w drawn butter lemon 2 sides under 600 steamed no butter house salad mixed veggies tangy tomato light balls vine
11.20oz porterhouse 2 steaks in one one strip one filet
13.8oz WFG mahi w/ artichoke hearts sundried tomatoes green onions and light lemon butter sauce on top of rice s/w mixed veggies
14.8oz WFG mahi w/ 3 seasoned and seared shrimp and 2 scallops served over garnish rice s/w mixed veggies remoulade sauce
15.7oz salmon seasoned and grilled on the WFG s/w mixed veggies and lemon
16.out nost tender steak 6 or 8oz
17.a 5oz filet w/ 4oz grilled lobster tail s/w two sides
18.our signiture sirloin topped with zesty chili pepper cream sauce s/w aussie fries
1.a 1/3 rack of ribs and 5oz WFG chick breast w/ bbq ots and aussie fries
2.a 6, 8oz sirloin paired with 4 GSB over tomato basil w/ remoulade or 4 coco shrimp with creole marmalade 2 sides
3.6 8 11oz best value and most popular can be under 600 with mixed veggies house salad tangy tomato light balls vin
4.our signiture sirloind topped w/ bloomin petals w/ aussie fries
5.4 1.5oz char grilled teriyaki medallions with onion red and green peppers top of rice
6.5oz WFG petite filet cooked medium s/w 4 grilled shrimp over tomato basil s/w dressed baked potato
10.freshed tilapia crowned w/ crab stuffing and topped w/ lump crab meat white mushrooms drizzle of lemon butter chablis s/w mixed veggies fresh tilapia w/ mixed veggies
12.8,12,16oz herb crusted slow roasted s/w au jus and soup or salad w/ 1 side our 12 and 16 can be WFG

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