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polestar 1 lesson 2


2 3 4      
5 6         7    
      8         9  
  10       11            
14       15           16        
18 19      

4.the natural outer layer of a person's or animal's body
5.kept at a very low temperature
8.the organ inside the body where food goes when you swallow it
10.a fact, thing or person that is found for the first time
12.how heavy STH/SB is, which can be measured
14.not part of the usual course of studies at a school
17.not thick
20.no longer in existence
21.feeling that you want to thank SB
1.a building for showing important cultural items
2.the parts of something that are left
3.the end of life
6.in a way that is not polite
7.always telling the truth
9.the most important city of the area
11.a chance to do STH
13.not alive
15.not dead
16.the state that STH is in
18.about illness and injury and their treatment
19.cannot be found or is not in the usual place

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