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Stick Dog

Crossword by Imogen Lee

Test your knowlegde about the great story stick dog! Answer all of these and it will prove your a non-chicken, awesome, skilled (as what Josh would say...) WINNER!

1 2 3
5 6          
8     9      
14               15

4.People think Stick dog is ____________.
6.Poo-Poo wanted to steal the _______.
8.What does the squirrel drop on Poo-Poo's head?
11.Poo-Poo doesn't like _________.
12.Who is the author of this story?
14.What does Stick Dog want?
16.Stripes thinks that the humuns are useing _______ to get the dogs.
1.Who made themselves into a big ball?
2.Who ran into the tree?
3.What do the dogs do to get burgers? They make a ___________.
4.Mutt wanted to poke his _____ out of the car.
5.Karen likes the ____.
7.Who made the doggie tornado?
9.What are really rare? ______ dogs.
10.A really good story with kind of bad _________.
11.What did the little girl do? She _______ tamato sauce all over her face.
13.Who was howling really loud?
15.Stick dog had to _____ the burgers

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