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soils of india

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1.soil we see takes thousands of years to form . - true / false
4.waste matter from animals which helps crops to grow as it makes the soil fertile.
5.a place where a particular fruit is grown .
11.uppermost layer of the earth
12.soil formed by rocks made by lava. (2 Words)
14.in the mountains the soil is very _____ .
2.what breaks rocks into small pebbles .(4)
3.this soil is sandy . (2 Words)
6.this content in laterite soil is low
7.soil is made up of very small particles of ________ .
8.red soil is rich in this content hence is i red colour .
9.there are how many number of soil types in india?
10.what is brought down in large amounts by himalyan river.
13.a crop that grows in alluvial soil and also requires large amount of water to grow (4)

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