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The Magic of Color

By Super Jonny

1 2
3   4     5
  6   7          

4.The color that makes you feel hungry.
7.Another word for "help".
9.When you have ________, you feel hungry and would like to eat some food.
10.A place with bright colors and video games.
1.The action or power of focusing your attention or mental effort.
2.If you _______ something, you put it in order or you organise it.
3.If something is _______, it is not what you expect. It is not an everyday thing.
5.How something looks and works - "The team was asked to ______ a new video game controller."
6.A kind of spice that is sometimes black or red.
8.A word that means "not often", "almost never" or "infrequently".

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