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Final Exam Vocabulary Review

G4 S English

Use the clues to help you solve the crossword puzzle.

1             2
5     6
7                 8
10 11                
  12 13                    
17       18          

1.The mouse __ away from the cat.
3.The fox promised the animals he wouldn't let them fall into ____ set by people.
4.I wasn't really hungry, so I spent most of lunch time only ____ at my food.
7.A business that makes a lot of money is very _____.
11.You wouldn't want to eat a sandwich with ____ on it!
13.I ___ my curly hair from my mom and my brown eyes from my dad.
15.This morning, I saw a man ____ an elephant down the street!
16.The nervous student ____ during his presentation in front of the class.
17.The ___ fox tricked the crow into giving up his piece of cheese.
18.If you take its bone away, the dog might ____ at you.
19.When we travel, our puppy stays in a _____ with other dogs.
1.Mmm, I love the ___ of my Grandma's apple pie baking in the oven.
2.The famous person wears a ____ in public so he won't be recognized.
3.Some days my mom wears a skirt to work, and other days she wears ___.
5.The ____ student often makes A's without even trying.
6.I'm so hungry, I bet I could ____ that hamburger up in one bite!
8.I can't stand still when I'm nervous; instead, I ___ from foot to foot.
9.The ____ cheered loudly after the amazing dance performance.
10.It's best to ___ that road at 5 pm as there is usually a lot of traffic.
12.When was the last time you cleaned your room? It's a ___ in here!
14.The hero didn't see the villain _____ behind him.
16.Even though she wears fancy clothes and drives a nice car, she isn't snooty.
17.My friends and I ____ at each other whenever we play a trick on someone.

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