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Geography Final Exam Review

G4 S/S+

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  13 14                        

4.This layer of Earth's atmosphere is damaged by global warming.
6.People can work on what they do best.
10.The unusual warmin gof the tropical Pacific Ocean that occurs every 3-5 years.
11.Written messages sent via the internet.
12.____ countries have already built their economies and have money to provide services for their citizens.
14.The steady knitting-together of all the world's economies into one.
16.A(n) ___ organization is a group of private individuals that tries to solve some of the world's problems.
17.An organization that loans money to less developed countries at low interest rates.
18.This is sent into orbit and can take pictures and trasmit information back to Earth.
1.___ aid can come in the form of money, tools, or medicine to help developing countries.
2.Email, cellphones, and Skype are examples of this.
3.For ____ saving time, people set their clocks ahead one hour in the spring and behind one hour in the fall.
5.When one country depends on another
7.The ocean currents are colder than usual. This is hard to predict and not very severe.
8.The sharing of ideas, cultures, and traditions
9.This international organization tries to keep peace around the world and improve how people live.
13.The International ____ Fund gathers money from developed countries to give to poorer countries.
15.The ___ ___ Organization oversees trade agreements and makes sure its member countries are trading with each other fairly.

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