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Science Final Exam Review

G4 S/S+ Science

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1.A circuit ___ is a switch that protects circuits in a newer home.
4.A ___ controls the flow of electricity in a current.
5.Electrical current can be measured in ____.
7.A device that keeps too much electrical current from flowing through wires.
9.The ZAP! you feel when you rub your feet on the carpet and then touch a metal doorknob.
11.Electricity that flows is called ___ electricity.
12.A negative subatomic particle.
14.Electricity flows easily through this type of material.
15.When a lightning bolt reaches the ground.
16.The discharge of static electricity from a thundercloud.
17.On this type of circuit, bulbs burn brighter because they are not connected by the same wire.
2.A ___ allows electrical energy to be changed into other forms of energy.
3.Electricity cannot flow is the circuit is ___.
6.In a ___ circuit, electricity can only flow one way.
8.The buildup of electrical charge on a material is called ___ electricity.
10.Don't touch ___ devices during a lightning storm.
11.A complete path through which electricity can flow.
13.Rubber, plastic, and wood are examples of this type of material.

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