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Joint Custody - Part 2

A&P Module 2E

By Larry Schaefer

1 2
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3.The bones which protect the spinal cord
5.The thigh bone
7.The tissue covering a bone, containing blood vessels and nerves
9.Where two bones come together and create a point of movement
10.This type of joint moves in only one direction and is found in the knee and elbow
11.The jaw bone
14.The bone of the lower arm that does not rotate when the hand is turned
15.The shaft of a long bone
17.Both the fingers and toes share this name
20.The short bones of the foot
22.The sternum, the scapula, skull and ribs are all this type of bone shape
23.That part of the skeletal system which includes the skull, vertebrae and ribs
24.A sac containing synovial fluid and surrounding some joints such as the shoulder, elbow, hip and knee
25.An example of this type of rotating joint is where the radius meets the wrist
1.The chemical which is deposited in bone to make it hard
2.A raised ridge on a bone; such a landmark is found on the ilium
4.Not the bone shaft, but the two ends of a long bone have this name
6.These bulls-eye looking structures make up compact bone, are made of osteocytes and contain a single canal housing blood vessels
8.A projection or bump on the end and to the side of a long bone such as the humerus
11.The middle tarsal and middle carpal bones
12.Specific places found on the bones which provide a point of reference
13.That part of the bone which contains red bone marrow
16.This structure houses the brain; another name for the cranium
18.This type of joint is found in the thumb and allows movement in two different ways
19.The bone of the lower arm which rotates when the hand is turned; found on the thumb side
21.C-1 is given this name, the name of a Greek god who held the world in his hand

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