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  8 9    

2.The decision gum
4.The `Chocolate Ka Meetha Bomb’ campaign was launched to promote the new improved version of this brand.
6.Have you felt it lately
7.World's oldest biscuit brand
10.A festival is not a festival unless it is
11.One of the key properties of this brand, is its classic Gold color.
1.This brand was initially a part of the Warner Lambert & Pfizer families, till in 2003, it became a part of the Cadbury network due to the global acquisition of the Pfizer’s confectionary interests (Adams) by Cadbury
2.You dont buy this brand, you earn it!
3.This brand hit global store shelves in 1897 and is made of milk powder paste, cocoa mass, cocoa butter and sugar
5.We all know it is tough to start a new habit. But a little motivation from friends can surely help! Baat Badhao Aadat Banao
8.The anytime anywhere snack brand
9.In the 1960s, this brand blasted off into space and became the official beverage of US atronauts

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