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D&T vocablary crossword


This crossword is disigned for people who love d&t

1 2 3 4
9                 10

5.To use computer techniques to produce graphic images
6.Anything that effects an event, decision or situation
8.A prefix meaning 1 millon (1,000,000,000,000)
9.the scientific study on how people are affected by their surroundings and workplace
11.To change a material's colour by soaking it in a coloured solution
1.To change the characteristics
2.When the load on a structure is spread over an area (2 Words)
3.Threads running along a piece of fabric's length
4.A rigid bar or rod that pivots at a single point somewhere along its length
7.The general word for wood and sometimes for trees
10.To join pieces of fabric with stitches by hand or by machine

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