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Week 8

Melanie Wilcox

1 2     3    
4 5      
7               8
10     11     12        
  14               15
17     18         19    

1.improve the quality of something
5.boring, not exciting; not bright or sharp
7.have difficulty doing something; fight
9.wander, walk around without direction
11.huge, large, enormous
13.a general name for cows
14.hard, uninteresting labor
17.the suburbs, area around a city
20.on the whole; completely
2.someone who sells things
3.a narrow passageway or street
4.small part or section
6.upset, very mad
8.break out of an egg
10.brag; say great things about yourself
12.desire to eat
15.funny, silly
16.without covering or clothing
18.get bigger; enlarge
19.skinny, thin

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