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American Headway Level 3

Jeff Upward

A review of American Headway Starter units 9-11.

1       2
3       4
5         6
9 10   11      
12     13    
  14           15 16
18 19 20           21     22          
    24 25             26    
29               30 31            
  32         33       34    
  37                   38              
39               40                     41
42         43            
44       45         46                  
  48     49  
      50     51     52 53    

1.a place you stay in on vacation
5.A question of place
7.Something you watch on a big screen or at home
8.The name used to call, 'us'
10.The warmest season
12.A form of public transport
14.The past tense of a verb that uses food
20.Someone that can draw or paint
22.You give this when you are asked a question
23.Past tense for buy
25.Cleaning your home
27.The past tense of what you do with a ball, a team or an instrument
28.A verb you do in water
29.Plural past tense
30.The sixth day of the week
32.The eleventh month
35.A place to celebrate with music, food and friends
37.The day that is two days before tomorrow
38.A piece of art
39.The second month
40.Someone who works for the government
43.A small country in Europe but many people speak their language
44.You ask this to find out information
46.Created in the 60s by the American military and now used globally
47.Singular past tense
48.When you want to know something
50.Someone who uses their voice in a song
52.Those people over there
54.I did this when you turned on the TV
55.You get paid for doing this
56.Someone that tells stories for a job
1.To explain somrthing correctly
2.A meal you have in the daytime
4.The time life begins
5.A question of time
6.The coldest season
9.The eighth month
11.A place to see interesting things about history or science
13.You take one of these in you free time
15.To use your voice
16.The past tense of Go
17.The name for the two days that most people don't work
18.A game you play with a ball that's popular in England
19.You can spend a lot of money doing this
21.Someone who can play an instrument
24.To receive sound information
26.A place to eat
29.A noun is this
31.If you're from here you say /Kaent/ not /kAnt/
33.A popular American sport using a bat
34.You do this activity on two wheels
35.A female member of a royal family
36.Extra study you do out of class
41.A group of people related to each other
42.The second day of the week
45.Someone that helps student learn in class
49.Someone who is in films, on TV, or in the theatre
51.Not bad
53.The past tense of Have

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