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Poultry Terminology

This crossword is for advanced poultry students. Have fun and test your knowledge. All answers can be found in the American Standard of Perfection.

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1.What do you call the unserrated part of a single comb?
4.What type of comb does a Chantecler have?
7.Another name for luster.
8.A term given to a male who has the feathering of a female.
11.What class of land fowl has no bantam counter part?
14.A term applied to plumage that has high saturation of pigmentation, vivid in color.
15.What do you call a rose/pea comb where the spike is indented or telescoping into the rear portion of the comb?
16.Another name for the spike on a rose comb.
17.A faded margin on a black lacing or spangle, considered a defect.
18.What is the standard weight for a Jersey Giant cock?
19.What type of comb does a Buckeye have?
21.A term used to describe the close trimming of the comb, wattles and ear lobes of some male fowl?
23.How many varieties of Plymouth Rock chickens are there?
24.Dominiques have what type of comb?
25.How many pounds should a Plymouth Rock pullet weigh?
30.What do you call a condition where the fourth or hind toe is carried forward so it almost touches the third toe?
31.A horny protuberance at the juncture of the head and upper bill in African and Chinese Geese.
32.The joint between the upper and lower thigh.
34.What color, other than red, is considered a disqualification in Dominiques?
35.The thin horny growths completely covering the shanks and top of the toes in fowl.
36.The effect produced by contrasting dots of color on the ground color of the web of a feather.
38.What breed of chicken has a buttercup comb?
41.What do call a castrated male fowl?
42.A term for a deep, glowing reddish brown.
43.A term used in describing a plumage characteristc of Game fowl. Hardness is dependent on narrowness and shortness of the feather. (2 Words)
44.When a buff or red plumage is flecked with a lighter color, as if dusted with flour.
45.A term used to note feathers that are curled outward and forward.
46.What do you call a term used to describe a shank lacking in roundness of bone? (2 Words)
48.What do you call the colored portion of the eye?
52.What does ABA stand for? (3 Words)
53.Another name for gypsy.
55.How many classes are there for Large Chickens?
56.How do you describe a fowl with feathers that are held close against the body?
57.What other comb type can a Rhode Island pullet have besides a single comb?
2.A term for a brilliant glossy luminous appearance of the feather due to the reflection of light rays.
3.A projection growing from the side of a single comb. (2 Words)
5.What does APA stand for? (3 Words)
6.What is the term used for fowl that are feathered on there shanks and toes and having vulture hocks?
9.The joint between lower thigh and shank, sometimes incorrectly referred to as the knee.
10.What is another name for the breast bone or sternum?
12.A color characteristic where the shaft of a feather is either lighter or darker than the color of the web.
13.What do you call a border of contrasting color around the entire web of the feather?
16.A term for a comb that falls to the side.
20.The basal hollow and transparent hornlike portion which attaches to feathers on the fowl's body.
22.This is the basic or predominating color of the web of a feather.
25.What kind of comb does a Plymouth Rock have?
26.This is a color used to describe very dark purple approaching black. Can be found in the comb, face and wattles of silkies.
27.What term refers to the coarse and irregular type of barring found in Dominiques?
28.What do you call an almost globular tuft of feathers on the top of the head of some fowl?
29.What do you call light brown or tan color?
33.What do you call feathers sprinkled with small dots black or gray?
36.What you call a tail that is greater than 90 degrees forward? (2 Words)
37.What you call the side view of a fowl?
39.What class are Lamonas in?
40.What country does the Chantecler orginate from?
47.Where does the Buckeye originate from?
49.What do you call an attempt to remove or conceal a serious defect or disqualification on a fowl?
50.Plummage in which a variable percentage of the feathers are tipped with white.
51.A term for a tightly folded, slim, tapering, whip like tail.
54.What type of comb does a Wyandotte have?

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