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July Pub Quiz Questions

Trivia Master Phil

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2.Which famous leader drew criticism from friends, family, and followers for attempting to prove his commitment to celibacy by sleeping with his naked grandniece?
7.On a standard computer keyboard, which key is the largest?
8.Which of the four Indiana Jones films had the highest worldwide gross?
11.What Danish beer companyʼs official slogan is ʻProbably the best beer in the worldʼ?
13.What was the first James Bond film that did not use the title of an Ian Fleming story?
15.On which beerʼs label can you find two griffins and a phrase that translates to “the finest beer”?
18.What US state capital is closer to Tokyo, Japan, than it is to New York City?
19.Of the 7 countries in the world whose names end with ʻstanʼ, which is the only one that only borders other countries whose names end with ʻstanʼ?
21.What is the capital of Wales?
23.Name one of the two European countries share the longest land border on the continent?
24.What is the last name of the famous English guitarist and songwriter that lost a couple of his fingertips in a factory accident at the age of 17?
1.What operation was the codename for the D-Day landings?
3.What was the name of the chess-playing computer that beat chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1996 and 1997?
4.What character, created to be an African American James Bond, was played by Richard Roundtree in the original 1971 film and its two sequels?
5.Grossing over $480m at the box office, which 2001 film has a title that comes from the Yiddish word for fear & terror?
6.Released in 1980, what video game was the first to sell one million cartridges for the Atari 2600?
9.What country is the largest producer of soybeans?
10.What is the only musical act that has had its Grammy Awards revoked?
12.In the Kung Fu Panda films, what is the last name of the actor that provides the voice of Po?
14.What is the international English language testing system otherwise known as?
16.The Chinese spirit, Maotai, is officially produced in which Chinese province?
17.What was the name of the boat that left Gilligan and company stranded on that desert island?
20.What is the first name of the Filipino boxer that was named ʻFighter of the Decadeʼ for the 2000s by the World Boxing Organization?
22.How many teats does a cow normally have?
23.Come Sail Awayand Mr. Roboto are among which bandʼs hit songs?

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