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Statistical Glossary

Catherine Durholz

Testing student understanding of statistical terminology

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1.This graph represents the "less than" cumulative frequency totals
2.This data consists on whole numbers
5.Type of statistics to condense large volumes of information into a few summary measures
6.Actual values recorded on a random variable
7.A graph which does have even spaces between the bars
12.Statistics which provides managers with a statistically verified basis for decision making
13.A graph which doesn't have spaces between the bars
14.Availability of data within an organization
16.Data collected and processed by others for a purpose other than the problem at hand
17.A subset of items drawn from a population
18.A quantitative data type where real numbers can be manipulated using arithmetic operations to produce meaningful results
19.This data can consist of decimals
1.This form of data implies ranking, where categories are of unequal width
3.Refers to a data type representing catigories of outcomes (and is qualitative)
4.Data which is captured for the first time with a specific purpose in mind
8.Data generated from rating scales and used in survey questionnaires
9.Data available from outside organizations
10.This is the strongest and most desirable data to gather
11.When data has been recorded, collated, summarized, analysed and presented in an easily understtod formate,the result is ....
15.Form of data where categories are of equal importance

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