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1.Founder of Chartered bank
5.The funds raised through Seeing is Believing are handed over to our partner _. Name the partner
6.In 1859 the bank started operation in Mumbai, Kolkata and which other country?
7.Programme launched to support malaria prevention
9.Besides Mumbai and London the bank has a listing in which stock exchange?
11.Training the trainer is the program launched to spread awareness of _
14.One of the 5 core values of the bank
16.Largest red ribbon was placed by us on this pitch during the Liverpool v/s Southampton match to help raise awareness about HIV and AIDS.
18.Which programme which empowers women through sport, financial education and life skills?
19.As part of the sustainability project currently undertaken by SCB for eye-care, which Asian region is being helped?
2.Electronic platform launched by SC to mitigate RMB exchange risk
3.Compared to 2011 the groups (SCB) operation income grew by what percentage in 2012?
4.New banking service launched by SC in Nov2012
5.Brand Promise of SC
8.Biggest single fundraiserfor Seeing is Believing.
10.Another name for an African country, with a presence since 2001 and have 89 staff, 2 branches and 6 ATM's.
12.Magazine who named SC as the Best bank in Africa in 2010
13.City in Kenya where SC HIV education session was held.
15.Top 3 markets that SC RGI index covers in the Offshore RMB business are Hongkong, Singapore and ...
17.One of the Index parameter of SC RGI to measure business growth through bonds
19.Our program to help restore eye-sight of the children

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