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1     2  
4             5 6   7      
  8                   9
    11   12    
13         14                          
      16         17    

1.Ronny was the ... to recieve a Chickfila scholarship in the Dover area
4.We will miss Ronny for bringing home ... after work
6.Ronnys middle name is
8.Ronny recently worked for
13.Ronnys favorite song of all all time ever
15.Ronny was initiated into the national ... society
16.Ronny received the ... scholarship from ORU
18.Mom will miss Ronny for massaging
2.Ronny has learned ... as a second language
3.Ronnys first job was
5.Ronny is the ... child in the Parker family
7.Dads nickname for Ronny
8.Ronny graduated from
9.Ronnys pet name is
10.Ronnys first job in the church was being an
11.Ronnys room has always been a
12.Ronnys is mostly remembered for being very
14.Ronny is often mistaken as the ... brother
17.Ronny is most like his
18.Ronny began reading at age

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