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1 2 3      
      6           7
9       10  
11         12           13      
14         15       16          
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28             29              

3.v. to do sth to make sb feel less angry, worried or excited
4.v. to move forward in sharp angles
6.a. difficult, boring, and lasting a long time
8.phr. to search for information from a source
11.n. a word or expression with a particular meaning, expecially for a specific subject or type of language
12.v. to officially tell people or the public about a plan or a decision
14.v. to be exactly the same in size, number, or amount as sth else
15.phr. to make sb recall feelings or memories of the past
18.ad. extremely confidently
21.v. to move somewhere quietly and smoothly
25.phr. to go in one direction and then in the opposite direction, and repeat this several times
26.a. unpleasant, upsetting, dirty, or evil
27.ad. sure that one has the ability to do things successfully
28.phr. to be finished
29.n. a very strong liking for sth
30.n. an ancient story, especially one invented in order to explain natural or historical events
1.n. a person or group with which one competes
2.phrase. to be successfull or have a good result
3.phr. to formally ask sb to do sth
5.n. the feeling of being worried or a little frightened
7.a. spending a lot of time studying and reading
9.a. unanticipated yet fortunate such as an accident that turns out to be good in the long run
10.phr. to become, or to make sb or yourself happier
13.n. organized event in which people or teams compete against each other
16.v. reduce the number of things included in a range
17.v. to form a word by writing or naming the letters in order
18.v. to be sure that sth will happen
19.phr. immediately and without any delay
20.phr. to quickly display sth to sb for a moment
22.a. relating to literature
23.ad. without any doubt
24.v. to mix sth very quickly

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