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1   2           3
4         5        
7                               8        
9                         10
  12   13                  
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19                   20                  

1.New Age Religion which believes in the strategic placement of furniture and possesions (2 Words)
4.The largest religion in Australia after Christianity, accruing to the 2011 census
7.When adherents stay with a religion for only a short period of time and then leave again is referred to as? (3 Words)
9.Declines in religious affiliation, church attendance, prayer and numbers of clergy and religious orders are all signs of __________________
11.New age religion that uses forms of gentle exercise, meditation and relation
12.New age religion based on reading the stars
14.In 1973 what policy was denouced? (2 Words)
16.The body of people ordained for religious duties
17.The process of society becoming more secular
18.New age religion that tries to make contact with the dead
19.Denominational Switching more common in ________________ churches
20.More socially acceptable to write ____ _________ on the census (2 Words)
2.New age religion that believes that certain numbers hold the key to understanding human existence
3.Transfer of followers from one Christian denomination to another (2 Words)
5.The most significant reason for the increase in the diversity of religious character in Australia is_____________?
6.Church the Simpsons attend is of which Christian denomination?
8.Reason why New Age religions are increasingly
10.Largest Numerically, religious tradition in Australia
13.What Percentage of Christians were Catholics on the First Fleet?
15.Pentacostalism places a strong emphasis on gifts from the ____________? (2 Words)

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