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The Study in Scarlet

Joey Crum

1 2
6     7
11             12   13

3.The book is called the study in ______________?
4.what is the name of the city were Sherlook and Watson live?
5.Holmes’s friend and assistant. He has just returned from the Afghan wars and is a pensioned army doctor newly introduced to Holmes?
8.Jefferson Hope was the ____________ of Drebber and Stangerson ?
9.A traveler heading West who joins the Mormon faith when the Mormons, led by Brigham Young, rescue him from the desert?
11.The son of one of the Mormon Elders, Drebber is awarded Lucy Ferrier's hand in marriage?
14.Madame and arthur___________?
16.A detective from Scotland Yard who asks Holmes’s help in?
18.The charismatic, powerful, and brutal chief of the Mormons?
19.The beautiful and charming adopted daughter of John Ferrier?
1.An old friend of Watson who brings Watson and Holmes together as lodgers at 221B Baker Street?
2.The constable on duty the night of the murder; he discovered Drebber's dead body within the empty house on Brixton Road?
4.A detective of Scotland Yard who consults Holmes on cases?
6.The son of madame Charpentier?
7.A horse-drawn carriage with a roof, four wheels, and an open driver's seat in the front ?
10.What is the name of the cigar at the murder?
12.A son of one of the Mormon Elders, He eventually became Drebber's private secretary and traveled with him to Europe?
13.A famous detective known for his powers of observation and ability to draw logical conclusions?
15.What is the name of the Drebber and Stangerson's religion ?
17.A young, strong, and capable hunter?

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