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Kimgumyoung/the name of homeroom teacher nann/ This is a round, flat type of bread made of wheat flour. yeast/ a kind of fungus which is used to make bread rise, and in making alcoholic drinks such as beer. pretzel/This is a small, crisp, shiny biscuit, which has salt on the outside and they are usually shaped like knots or sticks. bagel/This is a ring-shaped bread roll. Hyeonju/What is the teacher’s name who is with you right now? baguette/French bread runningman/a TV show on SBS in Sunday evening where You Jaesuk comes out. Clara/She became famous after she threw the first ball in the opening game of the pro baseball season with sexy clothes on. exo/rising idol group with 12 members nonono/a new song in the 3rd album of Apink majorleague/Shinsu Choo and Hyunjin Ryu play in bilingual/people who can speak two languages. watermelon/The biggest fruit slice/a thin flat piece of food that has been cut off a larger piece. consume/to use something, especially fuel, energy or time. crispy/pleasantly hard and dry to chew unique/being the only one of its kind flat/having a level surface, not curved or sloping

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3.you need this when it's raining
5.red fruit in snow white
6.frozen sweet snack
7.we can see this in winter
1.it's very sweet.
2.shoes you can see skin through this
4.the device you can cook

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