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Knowing Ben

Catherine Hirschenfang

Birthday Puzzle

2           3 4     5      
  6   7         8
9             10 11          
    12     13          
15   16   17                     18    
19           20                   21  
  22 23     24      
25           26   27       28
        29       30                  
  31                       32    
    33                     34    
37     38                    
  40             41    
42               43 44
  45       46          

2.Families spend a lot of time here
4.another reason to visit Lowes
7.The place for theme rides, wine and cheese
9.It overflows occasionally
11.Where is Jeff and Manuela?
14.Tom, Tom, David, JP, Ravi, Pete, Karl, Louis, Rafael
15.Best person at a party
17.Job well done
18.Title for Home Builder's show
20.Who sang the old favorite, "I like the Way Leon is Sitting"?
24.Puerto Rican dessert
25.Fruit with fuzz
29.favorite shirt print
31.Favorite jam
33.caring and thoughtful fellow
35.Not Animals
38.comprehension of facts
39.Male in dapper attire and carrying a smile spring-loaded for a joke
40.Norman Vincent Peale's favorite kind of person
42.Exhaust through the roof
45.Under the pergola
1.full-spectrum production manager
3.Favorite natural blonde comedic actress
5.Photos don't lie
6.An intruder's nightmare
8.Perfect finished product
10.Billy Joel almost had it right: HE'S always a woman to me (and Dave)
13.From experiment or invention to
14.Heart Throb
16.A major cost advantage of QA/QC
22.you are my sunshine
23.Capable of
25.Ducky Duddle
26.movie star quality
27.Tennis champion
28.Fictional editor whose name became a nickname for Ben due to his attention to detail in proposal writing
30.Caring fellow
32.Online shopping
36.Miracle Grow
37.Favorite type of trousers
41.Number of most frequent letter in two "Mississippi's" and Ben's game
43.Ben's last LM project
44.An unlikely place for a bee nest

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