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2.major result of trade,wars,migrations spreading of technology, ideas, etc.
5.act of trading goods
8.city and surrounding area
9.early step in development of writing using pictures
11.word that means to tame and keep animals for food
12.genus and species of modern humans
14.the word civilization comes from this Latin word
18.one of first Neolithic villages, located in the middle east
20.man made object like tools or pottery
22.skilled craftspeople like blacksmiths
23.man responsible for theories on evolution, survival of the fittest
24.combination of tin and copper
25.dry sparse elevated grassland
26.people living by moving constantly in search of food or better lands for animals
1.farming of early civilizations using the land by clearing and burning it first
3.study of origins and development of human society
4.the city of Ur was found in this present day country
6.skills and tools people use to meet their needs
7.before written records
9.belief in many gods
10.the beginning of agriculture is tied to the end of this age
13.top of social classes early because of their literacy
15.theory that earth was created in a big explosion
16.uniting many lands under one ruler
17.professional record keepers who were literate
19.discovered first human type people in Africa
20.early beliefs about religion where people worshipped objects, animals, etc.
21.it is believed that human type fossils were first found on this continent
25.how many days did it take God to create the earth

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