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Matter and Change

Nakhai Seymore

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7.the ability of a substance to undergo a specific chemical change
9.one or more substances change into one or more new substances
11.a mixture in which the composition is not uniform throughout
13.a form of matter that has an indefinite shape,flows,yet has a fixed volume
14.a property that depends on the type of matter in a sample, not the amount of matter
15.a substance that contains two or more elements chemically combined in a fixed proportion
1.states that in any physical change or chemical reaction, mass is conserved
2.a mixture in which the composition is uniform throughout
3.a property that depends on the amount of matter in a sample
4.one or two letters that represents elements
5.the simplest form of matter that has a unique set of properties
6.a form of matter that takes both the shape and volume of its container
8.a change that produces matter with a different composition than the original matter
10.a liquid is boiled to produce a vapor that is then condensed into a liquid
12.the process that seperates a solid from a liquid in a heterogeneous mixture

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