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Learn Pharmacology Through Puzzles (THE FIRST ONE)

Anwar Hamdi, M.D., Ph.D.

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3.the movement of drug molecules into and within the biologic environment
7.application of a drug to the skin for systemic effect
11.non-steroidal hormone that has intracellular receptors
14.a root of administration which has a 100% bioavailability
16.hormone working through membrane-spanning enzymes
17.the amount of drug in the body is reduced after administration but before entering the systemic circulation
18.the maximal effect an agonist can produce
19.permits very large or very lipid-insoluble chemicals to enter cells
1.the rate of elimination is proportionate to the concentration
2.a drug that activates its receptor upon binding
4.the actions of a drug on the body
5.it is the route of administration that offers maximum convenience
6.working as a chemical antagonist in the management of organophosphate cholinesterase poisoning
8.the actions of the body on the drug
9.the amount of drug need to produce a give effect
10.working as a physiological antagonist for histamine
12.substances that act on living systems at the chemical level
13.a physical process by which a weak acid becomes less water soluble and more lipid soluble at low pH
15.under the tongue

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