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Learn Pharmacology Through Puzzles (2)

Anwar Hamdi, M.D., Ph.D.

1 2     3                      
    6 7  
14                   15                      

2.the most common and the most important conjugation reaction
4.the amount of drug need to produce a give effect
10.the rate of elimination is proportionate to the concentration
12.it is the route of administration that offers maximum convenience
13.are given if the time required to achieve half-life is relatively long and the therapeutic benefit of the drug is required immediately
14.the movement of drug molecules into and within the biologic environment
15.an antibiotic that inhibits several CYP isozymes
1.A constant amount of drug is metabolized per unit of time, and the rate of elimination is constant and does not depend on the drug concentration
3.is a superfamily of heme-containing isozymes that are located in most cells but are primarily found in the liver and GI tract
5.is calculated by dividing the dose that ultimately gets into the systemic circulation by the plasma concentration at time zero
6.is determined by comparing plasma levels of a drug after a particular route of administration with plasma drug levels achieved by IV injection
7.a route of administration suitable for slow-release drugs and ideal for some poorly soluble suspensions
8.a process in which we can increase the elimination of weak acids and weak bases by alkalinization and acidification of the urine, respectively
9.This mode of drug entry involves specific carrier proteins that span the membrane and it is capable of moving drugs against a concentration gradient, from a region of low drug concentration to one of higher drug concentration
11.name given to exogenous substances

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