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Learn Pharmacology Through Puzzles (4)

Anwar Hamdi, M.D., Ph.D.

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2.The time elapsed between the binding of the agonist to a ligand-gated channel and the cellular response can often be measured in ---------
4.the quantal dose-effect curve and the graded dose-response curve summarize somewhat different sets of information, although both appear --------in shape on a semilogarithmic plot
7.By what mechanism does the hepatocyte transfer drugs/drug metabolites into bile canaliculi?
9.Microsomal drug oxidations require P450, P450 reductase, NADPH, and molecular
12.-----------bonds are usually quite weak and are probably important in the interactions of highly lipid-soluble drugs with the lipids of cell membranes and perhaps in the interaction of drugs with the internal walls of receptor “pockets.”
14.-------- dose-response curve is a graph of the fraction of a population that shows a specified response at progressively increasing doses
15.Component of a system that accomplishes the biologic effect after the receptor is activated by an agonist; often a channel or enzyme molecule
1.this G protein constituent is involved in recognition of both receptors and effector molecules: The ------ subunit
3.Slow acetylators are at risk for isoniazid-induced -----------
5.Occasionally, individuals exhibit an unusual or --------- drug response, one that is infrequently observed in most patients
6.The fraction of drug metabolized by the liver
8.Receptors are said to be ------- for a given pharmacologic response if it is possible to elicit a maximal biologic response at a concentration of agonist that does not result in occupancy of the all receptors
10.A molecule to which a drug binds to bring about a change in function of the biologic system
11.-------- antagonist A drug that counters the effects of another by binding the agonist drug (not the receptor)
13.------- Of forces involved in drug-receptor binding, this type is viewed as the strongest

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