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Learn Pharmacology Through Puzzles (5)

Anwar Hamdi, M.D., Ph.D.

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1.This type of binding best characterizes the association between acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin)'s acetyl group and its target, platelet cyclooxygenase
5.------- receptors are receptor that do not bind drug when the drug concentration is sufficient to produce maximal effect; present when Kd > EC50
6.---------- is the measure of the ability of the body to eliminate the drug
7.This drug route of administration partially bypasses the portal system
8.------- reactions: These reactions typically describe a covalent bond attachment of the drug to a water-soluble carrier molecule examples of which include glucuronic acid or glutathione.
9.This enzyme is used for the sulfate conjugation ------
10.--------- antagonist A pharmacologic antagonist that cannot be overcome by increasing agonist concentration
13.------- dose-response curve A graph of increasing response to increasing drug concentration or dose
14.The sulfate conjugation occurs in the ------
15.------- receptors, so-called because their ligands are presently unknown, which may prove to be useful targets for the development of new drugs.
2.When responsiveness diminishes rapidly after administration of a drug, the response is said to be subject to ---------
3.Example of intracellular receptor ligands across membranes and tend to be small, signaling molecules
4.the relation of the individual’s genetic makeup to his or her response to specific drugs—
11.The inital dose of a medicine which is greater than the following doses is termed a ------- dose
12.Ligand-Regulated Transmembrane Enzymes Including Receptor Tyrosine Kinases mediate the first steps in signaling by --------

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