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1 2
3                             4
5 6      
    7 8 9      
10                       11    
  16             17
          20     21            
      23   24 25
  27       28              
30                 31                  

3.A way to write a function so that all the coordinates depend on a single variable
10.Similarity between objects
13.A study of mathematical objects called abstract machines
15.A graph whose vertex set is divided into two disjoint sets.
19.Structure preserving map
20.Ancient Indian Mathematician who worked on approximation of π
26.A sequence of vertices and edges
28.A slope or incline
29.An element whose square is itself
30.A property by which a set can not be expressed as the union of two disjoint non empty open sets.
31.Directed Graph
1.Reducing a matrix to its diagonal form
2.Comparision of values of two variables
4.A function whose domain is set natural numbers
5.Procedure repeating itself indefinately
6.If the line segment between two points of the set lies within the boundary then the set is _______>
7.Mathematician who developed two square theorem
8.A property by which a topological spae is homeomorphic to a metric space
9.Study of techniques for secure communication
11.A set in which distinct elements have inner product zero and norm of every element is one
12.A Property by which a graph has unbroken curve.
16.A equation with integer solution
17.Special subsets of rings
18.The notion that some functions and sequences approach a limit under certain conditions
21.Step wise list of procedure
22.A property by which distinct sets have disjoint neighbourhoods.
23.A measure preserving transformation.
24.A distribution that expresses the probability of a given number of events occurring in a fixed interval of time
25.A topological space that near each point resembles Euclidean space
27.Closure Minus the Interior

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