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Learn Pharmacology Through Puzzles (7)

Anwar Hamdi, M.D., Ph.D.

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3.use of a drug as a --------- antagonist produces effects that are less specific and less easy to control than are the effects of a receptor-specific antagonist
4.-------- antagonist A drug that binds without activating its receptor and thereby prevents activation by an agonist
6.Drugs such as phenytoin, salicylates, and disopyramide are extensively bound to plasma -------.
7.inhibitory neurotransmitter that function by ion channel activation following its binding to a specific region in the channel protein
11.you can slow down absorption rate of IM injection by administration with ----.
12.--------- agonist, antagonist A drug that binds to a receptor molecule without interfering with normal agonist binding but alters the response to the normal agonist
13.G protein-mediated responses to drugs and hormonal agonists often attenuate over seconds or minutes, even in the continued presence of the agonists. This ----------- is often rapidly reversible.
14.When clearance is first-order, it can be estimated by calculating the ------ ------ ----- ------of the time-concentration profile after a dose
1.A plasma protein important in binding basic drugs
2.the quantal dose-effect curve indicates the potential ---------- of responsiveness among individuals
3.the concentration (EC 50 ) or dose (ED 50 ) of a drug required to produce 50% of that drug’s maximal effect.
5.A lipophilic drug (easily crossing the blood-brain barrier) will also likely be concentrated in this body compartment
8.What effect do ethanol and cimantidine have on drug metabolism?
9.The transduction process that links drug occupancy of receptors and pharmacologic response is often termed -------.
10.This amino acid is most often used in conjugation reactions

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