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Travel words

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2.to take a turn from a plane surface
4.moving, or allowing movement in one direction only
6.a door or passage to go out by
8.a material burned as a source of warmth or light or energy
9.a wide high-speed landscaped highway
10.official examination to make sure that certain rules are being observed
14.a place where two roads or paths cross each other
16.A person traveling on foot, whether walking or running
17.a limited access highway
18.a movable set of stairs put beside an aircraft so that people may enter or leave
19.a limited-access highway for high speed travel
20.a system of transport using rails on which trains run
1.the act of constructing something
3.a door or passage by which one enter
5.a warning against danger
7.a liquid distilled from petroleum, used mainly as fuel for motor vehicles
11.a place on a motorway providing garage services, restaurants, toilet facilities, etc.
12.an alternative route to avoid a section of a road that is blocked or under repair
13.the course or way taken to get from starting point to destination
15.A barring passage to a road, tunnel, or bridge until a toll is collected.

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